Puppies, puppies, puppies! It’s why you’re visiting us in the first place, right?

We do ask that all deposits be made through check.

Pick of the litter comes with order of deposits received.

Please email us for prices associated with the puppies.

With your puppy you will receive a limited AKC registration. Full registration is available after all necessary health checks have been performed, and passed, at 24 months for an additional $500. Please note, this is ONLY an additional expense if you choose to breed your dog.

We proudly raise our Golden’s with an abundance of love and attention. One of our favorite things to do as a family is have all of the puppies out to run daily. We strongly believe that introducing the puppies to the world around them at an early age sets a great foundation for a happy, healthy dog.  On our land, the pups meet different farm animals, learn to play in the grass, and get plenty of Vitamin D!  We encourage friends and family to come visit and love on the puppies as well!  This is not common among all breeders and it’s something we are genuinely proud of.

We are asked what we do to desensitize the puppies to noises.  The puppies are all exposed to many sounds on our acreage. This includes machinery, shop equipment, saws, music, other animal noises, children, the list is endless!  We will also introduce each of the puppies to gunfire sounds as many of them will go onto hunt in the field.

Something we really enjoy is the days we bring out the baby pool to introduce the puppies to water and help them learn it’s a fun experience!

In addition to the limited AKC registration, all of the puppies will go home with a blanket or item that smells like mom to comfort them and vaccination record of what’s been started for your puppy. The puppies will be started on very basic obedience, crate training, and potty training.

You will see from our gallery of photos that we genuinely love our Golden’s and give each individual puppy the attention it needs and deserves.