Meet Bella, the sweetest girl in Linn County. Bella lives the good life on a hobby farm in rolling timber.  She was born on May 22, 2017.  Bella lives the best of both worlds. She runs our land as she pleases, stirring up fun with the chickens, cattle, and kitties, but spends plenty of hours indoors as queen of the house. Bella spent 6 weeks in obedience training at Arrowhead Kennels in Hudson, Iowa.  She loves the water and loves to get out and hunt pheasants. As any Golden does, she aims to please.  We laugh that she’s not able to just wag her tail, her entire body wags in excitement! Wonderful with children and all other dogs, she has yet to meet someone she can’t get along with.  What we enjoy most with Bella is taking her to a local pond or creek and playing fetch with her in the water.  She’s very obedient in staying close and always has one eye on the kids.  We couldn’t be prouder of this beautiful girl!

Meet Sage, the lover! Sage is from Bellas first litter and was born on March 8, 2020, right in the midst of the pandemic! Sage and all of her litter mates were truly such a blessing during such an uncertain time. We were stuck at home for weeks with nothing better to do than cuddle puppies!
Sage craves attention, always! She is such a lover and will frequently “talk” to you. We hand picked her the day she was born and she has remained spoiled and insanely loved since day one. Sage loves the water. She’s famous for her leaps off the creek banks and silly personality. She truly is a fantastic dog!


Cedar, born September 13, 2022. This little boy is the newest member of the family. Cedar has the biggest personality!  As soon as he joined our family, he let the girls know who was boss. He only aims to please. Even as he grows, he’s still convinced he’s a 10-pound lap dog. We love what a tender heart he has. We weren’t looking when he came available, but we just couldn’t resist. His interaction with our puppies is priceless. We can’t wait to grow with him and see what this young man has in store!